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Rapid Antigen testing available now

Covid-19 Testing

General Testing Information
When booking a Covid-19 rapid antigen test please remember the following:

Rapid antigen tests are most accurate when a patient has a high viral load and has been experiencing symptoms for at least 2 to 3 days. If you are seeking a test because you were exposed to a Covid-19 positive person, you should wait at least 5 days from the exposure to receive a rapid test.

Rapid antigen tests may return a false negative result and a patient may need an additional high complexity molecular PCR test to confirm a negative diagnosis in the presence of Covid-like symptoms. This test would need to be completed by a specialized lab and would incur additional charges if it is not covered by your insurance plan.

Alden Pharmacy is adhering to all state and federal guidelines to perform Covid-19 rapid antigen testing. Any person in New York State that wants a Covid-19 test may receive one. That being said, most commercial insurers do not have the capability to allow pharmacies to bill for these tests. There are many circumstances surrounding Covid-19 testing (travel/school/business requirements) that are not covered by insurance plans.

To check if you are eligible for a free test offered by the county, we encourage you to check with your county’s Department of Health website for information on no-cost testing options.

Covid-19 rapid antigen tests are available due to an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA. A copy of the EUA is available here.

Testing Procedure
To keep our staff and patients safe, and to minimize exposure, our tests will be performed in your vehicle in our parking lot off of Exchange Street. Please follow these directions on the day of your appointment:

Once your appointment is scheduled we are reserving that time for your test. Please arrive at Alden Pharmacy at your scheduled time and park in our parking lot behind the pharmacy building off of Exchange Street.

Once you are parked please call the pharmacy at 716.937.9818 and press option 0 to speak to a staff member. Please inform that staff member that you have arrived for your test and then remain in your vehicle.

A trained team member will be out shortly to administer the nasopharyngeal swab test. Once your test is completed you will be able to return home.

Your test results will be available that same business day, and in certain circumstances within 1 to 2 hours. Results will be sent via secure email. You will be contacted by a pharmacy representative to confirm your results.

Scheduling a Test
You may schedule an antigen test using the Prescryptive online scheduler below. The cost for the test is $65.00 each, paid securely by credit card online using the scheduler below.

An Appointment is required for service

Schedule a Test

To schedule a test at Alden Pharmacy, click the link to Prescriptive below and enter your mobile phone number. You will receive a text with a link to complete your registration for a test.

If you need help, please call the pharmacy at 716.937.9818 and press option 0 to speak to a staff member.

available now

Covid-19 Vaccines


Alden Pharmacy is providing the Moderna and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine and vaccine boosters for customers 18 years of age and older.

Patients are eligible for a Moderna booster dose if it has been 6 months or more since they completed their primary vaccine series and if they are 65 years and older, have a medical condition that puts them at increased risk of COVID-19, or are at increased risk of COVID-19 due to occupational or residential exposure.

Patients are eligible for a  Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) booster dose if they are 18 years of age or older and received their first dose of the Janssen vaccine at least 2 months ago.

Please use the online form below to schedule your appointment today.

To view the Emergency Use Authorization for the Janssen vaccine, please click here.
To view the Emergency Use Authorization for the Moderna vaccine please click here.

An Appointment is required for service

Schedule a Vaccine

To schedule a vaccine at Alden Pharmacy, please use the form below You will receive a confirmation email confirming your appointment upon completion.

If you need help, please call the pharmacy at 716.937.9818 and press option 0 to speak to a staff member.